Join Our 4-Month Sales Mastery Intensive with a 2 Day Kickoff in Jeffrey Gitomer's Private Residence for Only 10 People that Will Help You Refine Your Client Attraction Sales Strategies While Breaking Through the Mental Barriers that are Constantly Holding You Back


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Dates: February 6th-7th, 2020 in Charlotte, NC at Jeffrey’s Home

Imagine Being 1 of 10 Selected for this FOUR Month Private Mentoring Program that Begins with a 2-Day Intensive in Jeffrey’s Home...


*The 2-Day Private Sales Mastery Intensive is ONLY for people who are willing to do the following:

1) Go ALL In
2) Be Coachable
3) Push Yourself 
4) Have Fun

If you can comfortably do these 4 things, this may be perfect for you.


*This is for forward-thinking entrepreneurs who want advanced sales and mental mastery strategies to attract the right clients, at the right fees, with complete clarity and confidence, and for those who are ready to break free from being stuck to creating consistent sales for their business.


*This is NOT for someone who wants to write a check just to hang out with Jeffrey. Jeffrey loves his fans, but he also wants this program to be for a small group who is ultra committed to accelerating their business and getting new clients.


*This is NOT for someone who isn't willing to accept 100% self-responsibility for their success - a starting point in being able to take action on the knowledge, strategy and execution plan Jeffrey will be coaching you on.


*This is NOT a training event or program. While you will learn many new things, this is a private mentorship and coaching programdesigned to give you personalized direction with direct feedback and coaching on YOUR business and sales strategies.


*Structure of the program: 2 Full Days in Jeffrey's home in Charlotte, NC. PLUS 4 months of follow-up with monthly implementation coaching calls for this group only. 


*Full access to a coaching portal with worksheets, assignments, recorded coaching calls and transcripts.




Special Guest: Joe Soto

Joe Soto is a seasoned public speaker with expertise and focus on using social media to generate leads and make sales online. He’s the founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency, Revenue Inbound.

Since 2010, companies such as Pearson Education, Oral B, and High Point University along with influencers like Tai Lopez, Jeffrey Gitomer, Harvey Mackay, and other New York Times bestselling authors and speakers have sought out Joe’s expertise for online marketing help.

Joe is also the Founder of, The World’s #1 Online Community of Marketing Agency Owners who want faster business growth.  

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The Program Begins February 6th

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Why Do You Need this Private Mentorship? And Why is NOW the Greatest Time Ever to Get Mentored by Jeffrey Gitomer?


1) Personalized, Direct, Laser-Targeted Coaching

Over the past 20 years, the most valuable information, strategy and tactics have come from direct coaching feedback from mentors who were willing to be honest and tell me exactly what I needed to change or implement to grow my business.


2) Learn Sales and Marketing from TWO of the Best

How do you know this? The who’s who of the Fortune 500 have hired Jeffrey Gitomer over the years to come in and train their sales teams – and Jeffrey will share what it takes to sell your way into bigger clients who have the budget to pay higher fees. Joe Soto is the founder of a 7 figure digital agency, that, since 2010 has attracted an impressive list of over 500 businesses in over 40 U.S. States, and in 7 countries.


3) Access to the Latest Strategies, Tools and Resources – Including Jeffrey Gitomer’s State-of-the Art Video Recording Studio, AND a Done-For-You Funnel Microsite Customized for YOU.

Jeffrey and Joe are going to lay it all out for you, all the latest strategies, tools and resources to help accelerate growth, and they’ll even guide you to make sure you leave with your sales plan and sales systems in place. Joe is closing agency clients each month, often for $10k or more, and he'll show you how to do the same using his exact strategies tailored to YOU. 

Joe is going to workshop with you to build your own sales funnel and you’ll walk away with a lead generation machine you can use to fill your pipeline with interested prospects. You’ll also get a new lead generating website if you aren't happy with your own – all part of this program with no additional fees. In summary – he’ll help you BE the marketer and look the part as well so you can attract bigger, higher paying, ideal clients.


4) Learn specific strategies and techniques to identify, prospect, sell and close higher-paying clients who will pay you long-term for your services. 

You’ll learn how to land them and you’ll LEAVE with a roadmap to sell into bigger corporate clients, which often can be much more profitable for you with the same or less effort selling smaller clients.


5) A Higher Level of Accountability

Let's face it, accountability isn't something we take as seriously as we should. The real value in this mentorship is you'll be held accountable before, during and after the 2-Day Intensive so you can keep the momentum in your business going forward. Yes, there are weekly assignments so you can follow along the program to create momentum in your business.


6) Leave with Clarity and an Action Plan

You'll leave with great clarity on what your business focus should be, how you should SELL and MARKET based on your unique personality, situation and services. You’ll also learn how to get clients THIS month in a way that fits YOUR style, with an actionable plan to execute long after the 2-day intensive.


7) *BONUS 1 - Jeffrey's Sales Assessment - This is the only sales assessment that will test you for sales and personal development skills. The assessment comes with a complete 20-page report outlining your strengths and weaknesses. 


8) **BONUS 2 - Jeffrey's Ultimate Sales Certification - 30 hours of strategic and critical learning points for sales and personal development are explained, and tested. It is the most comprehensive sales certification course of its kind. This certification and final test will prepare you to hit the ground running, and selling.


9) ***BONUS 3 - Free VIP ticket to a live event with Jeffrey and Joe in 1st quarter of 2020.

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